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            Ottawa & Spring Valley
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113 Wright st 

               We Delivery!

            Ottawa Delivery Area:
             Ottawa & Naplate
     **** order by phone 815-433-4805
        or online
    We will be closing as 
of March 31st.     Looking to possibly re-open sometime             over the summer. Stay tuned

       Spring Valley Delivery Area:
    Cherry, Dalzell, DePue, Granville, Ladd          LaSalle, Peru, Seatonville, Spring Valley...&
     **** Order by phone 815-663-8412
               or online.  

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    Soups in the House!
 Broccoli, Potato with Cream, Chicken with         Rice, Tomato Basil & Chicken Noodle,              Cheesy Tortilla & Chili
*************************************              In-Store Specials
      thru March 31st.

    5 inch Sub & 8.oz Soup    $7
drink sold separately

   5 inch Sub & Chips $5
          drink sold separately
       Soup Card: DOUBLE Punch Tuesdays!

    5 inch sub & 8.oz Soup    $7
            drink sold separately

  Toasted Pretzel Sandwich $4 

  Wrap Sandwich $5

    sub shoppe

       The Handcrafted Sandwich Shoppe
                       Effective February 19th
          816 LaSalle St.                 812 W. Dakota St
  Ottawa,IL 61350           Spring Valley,IL 61362
M-Fri:    10:30a-8:00p    M-Fr: 10:30a-8:00p
      Saturday: 10:30a-4:00p              Sat:  10:30a-6:00p
       Sunday:  11:00p-4:00p     Sunday: CLOSED

      (815)433-4805                 (815)663-8412
   fax orders @ (815)433-4806             fax orders@(815)663-8418

      info@ obeesdistrict40@comcast.net

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