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Store Hours Effective Monday March 23rd
Monday-Saturday 10a-4p

Obee's Meal Plan:
Don't know where to go? Whats Open? Order in advance a Plan to be either Delivered
or Picked up. We have different options to choose from.  Make it easy, convenient and           less strain on an already crazy time.
      8 inch Sub, Chips & Cookie  $8 each
5 inch Sub, Chips & Cookie  $6 each
8 inch Sub, 8.oz Soup & Cookie $11ea
5 inch Sub, 8.oz Soup & Cookie $9 ea

   Restrictions do apply.  At least 1 day notice, 
  will charge on day of Delivery or Pickup.                 Cancel at anytime with 1 Day notice. 

                              Lenten options:
           Egg Salad    Sandwich/Salad
   Tuna Salad   Sandwich/Soup
           Veggie sandwich
   Cheese sandwich & cup of Soup
           Southwest Salad
   The Q Salad
   Caesar Salad
   Garden Salad
   Vegetarian Garden Vegetable Soup
   Tomato Basil Soup
   Potato w cream Soup
           Broccoli w cheese Soup
    Soups in the House!
 Broccoli, Potato with Cream, Chicken with         Rice, Tomato Basil & Chicken Noodle,              Cheesy Tortilla, Vegetable & Chili
*************************************              In-Store Specials
         thru  April 25th 

    5 inch Sub &  8.oz Soup                               Drink NOT Included                  $9.00           

   ANY 5 inch Sub & Chips                             Drink NOT included        $6.00
  Wrap Sandwich 
          2 STAR Wednesday's

  Toasted Pretzel Sandwich $5.00 

   5 inch Sub & Chips    $6.00
8 inch Sub & Chips

  5 inch sub, Chips, Drink  $8

    sub shoppe

        The Handcrafted Sandwich Shoppe
                        Effective March 23rd, 2020
                              113 Wright St               
M-Fri:    10:00a-4:00p  
                       Saturday: 10:00a-4:00p             
                        Sunday:  CLOSED           

            fax orders @ (815)220-5315        

      info@ obeesdistrict40@comcast.net


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