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Slow Cooker Special: Crack Chicken Sandwich
5 inch : $4.59
8 inch : $6.99
awesome on a Toasted Pretzel Bun

Dateline Obeeville..... Obee's Bake Shoppe announces
Hand pies are BACK!
Cream Puffs
Cinnamon Rolls & Cup cakes

Lenten Options:
Egg Salad, Tuna Salad, Veggie & Toasted Cheese sandwich's
Broccoli, potato w cream, tomato basil, cheesy tortilla,
      Oriental Salad.... without chicken
      Pecan Salad..... without chicken
      Garden Salad
    Soups in the House!
 Broccoli, Potato with Cream, Chicken with         Rice, Tomato Basil & Chicken Noodle,              Cheesy Tortilla, Vegetable & Chili
*************************************              In-Store Specials
     the  April 26 th 

    5 inch Sub, Chips, Drink $7.50

   California Turkey Club     $6
  or   Mountain Mike Club
  5 inch sub, Chips, Drink $7.50

  Toasted Pretzel Sandwich $4.50 

  Wrap Sandwich        $6

  5 inch sub, Chips, Drink  $7

    sub shoppe

        The Handcrafted Sandwich Shoppe
                          Effective May 14th, 2018
          113 Wright St                 812 W. Dakota St
     LaSalle,IL                Spring Valley,IL 61362
M-Fri:    8:00a-8:00p    M-Fr: 10:30a-8:00p
      Saturday: 9:00a-4:00p              Sat:    11:00a-3:00p
       Sunday:  CLOSED            Sunday: CLOSED

   fax orders @ (815)220-5315         fax orders@(815)663-8418

      info@ obeesdistrict40@comcast.net


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